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Determining the size of the purifying plant


  • The size of the waste water treatment plant is determined in population units (PU) or equivalent persons, while defining the biochemical capacity of the waste water treatment plant. PU unit means a specific water consumption of 0.15 to 0.20 m3 / per person /a day and a biochemical load of 0.06 kgBPK5 / per person/a day.
  • working volume, which is needed to clean sewage water is 5000 to 800 L per person



  • 3-persons = 1 PU


  • 2-persons = 1 PU


  • with kitchen – 2-persons = 1 PU
  • without kitchen – 3-persons = 1 PU
  • garden terrace – 10-persons = 1 PU (without kitchen)

Data needed for projecting, calculating PU and purchuasing.