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For house

The RoEco waste water treatment plant is intended for the treatment of household wastewater, it is suitable for residential buildings with 3, 5 or 8 PU or population equivalents. It is distinguishes by simple operation technology and cheap maintenance.


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Size[PU] CODE Dimensions [mm]                 Technical drawing         Technical data sheet

Declaration of performance

Render DWG Price [€]
3 7100068100 ∅ 1800 x 2000     Inquire
5 7100063800 ∅ 1800 x 2350      Inquire
8 7100663810 ∅ 2300 x 3100      Inquire



The EcoBox cleaning device is distinguished by a high eye level, ease of operation and the possibility of adapting cleaning devices to the needs of users. The treatment plant operates on SBR (sequential batch) technology and is available in two large sizes.

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Size [PU] CODE Dimensions [mm]                 PDF Plan     Technical data sheet  Declaration of performance Render DWG Price [€]
2 - 5 7100079950 2330 x 1175 x 2100 - 2440      Inquire
6 - 9  7100076730 2450 x 1350 x 2270 - 2800      Inquire



The small RoClean municipal sewage treatment plant is made of a monolithic RoTerra tank and enables the subsequent removal of the SBR system and the use of the tank as a rainwater collector if the municipal arrangement of the settlement is arranged in the future. The treatment plant is available in three sizes for 4, 6 and 8 population equivalents.

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Size [PU] CODE

Dimensions [mm]                  

PDF Plan     Technical data sheet Declaration of performance Render DWG Price [€]
4 7200079840 2080 x 1800 x 2050 - 2550      Inquire
6 7200079850 2450 x 1800 x 2050 - 2550      Inquire
8 7200079860 2820 x 1800 x 2050 - 2550    Inquire

The Romem treatment plant is distinguished by membrane technology based on biological wastewater treatment like all other treatment technologies. The difference with other treatment technologies is that membrane filtration of treated wastewater in the range of ultrafiltration replaces the secondary settler and tertiary filtration.

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Size[PU] CODE Dimensions  [mm]             PDF Plan     Technical data sheet Declaration of performance Render DWG VPC [€]
4 7200088800 2330 x 1175 x 2440      Inquire
6   2450 x 1350 x 2775      Inquire